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Remote communities to benefit from renewable energy

A remote First Nations community in the Northern Territory will soon have access to renewable energy while also bringing down their power bill.

Original Power has been working with the Marlinja community north of Tennant Creek to build a microgrid to service the community.

The first Aboriginal community-owned microgrid in Australia will provide renewable power to the community via solar panels and a battery, while retaining the existing grid as a backup.

The community will still be using pre-paid cards to access power, however power generated by the microgrid will be credited to the accounts of residents.

The Marlinja microgrid, which is expected to come online next month, will become the first Aboriginal community-owned microgrid and will provide the isolated community of Marlinja with cheaper renewable energy.

Another project in the Territory’s north east will do the same for Borroloola and the Gulf of Carpentaria.


Read more of this story first published on the National Indigenous Radio Service