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South Australia Policy Overview: First Nations and Clean Energy

South Australia is a global leader in renewable energy.


Driven by high quality wind resources and rooftop solar in a smaller electricity market, renewable energy supplies around 70% of SA's electricity consumption.


SA has one of the highest market shares for renewable energy in the world and has a target for 100% renewable energy by 2030. 


Thanks to Neoen for the image of the 150 MW Hornsdale Power Reserve

First Nations have a significant opportunity in Queensland's clean energy industry

Despite significant energy justice issues, there is great opportunity for First Nations to play a leading role in the clean energy industry in Queensland, particularly given the scale of projects proposed.

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Queensland Policy Overview: First Nations and Clean Energy

Queensland has very strong solar resources, and also high quality and nationally competitive wind resources and there is clearly much potential for the development of clean energy projects on First Nations-titled lands. 


This policy overview was drafted with assistance from Elizabeth McDonald, Director at Chalk & Behrendt  and Taryn Lane, consultant and Manager of Hepburn Community Wind Farm. 

Thanks to Hoshi Moshi for the image!

Northern Territory hosts two-day roundtable to unearth big ideas for ensuring First Nation leadership in energy transition

Ensuring First Nations people and communities participate in and benefit from the clean energy transition is the focus of a community roundtable in Alice Springs on 16-17 May 2023.

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World Economic Forum: Renewables projects must respect Indigenous Peoples and local communities. Here's how

The case for responsible renewables development isn’t just an altruistic one. Businesses, development finance institutions and governments all face real risks when they don’t prioritise community interests and human rights.

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Northern Territory Policy Overview: First Nations and Clean Energy

This paper was prepared to support conversations at the Mparntwe (Alice Springs) roundtable for the First Nations Clean Energy Strategy.

The Northern Territory has some of the strongest solar radiation in the world and there is clearly much potential to develop clean energy projects on First Nations titled lands. 



Special thanks to Christian Bass for use of the photo.

Cosmos: Pilbara conference drives Indigenous leadership in clean energy boom

A round table discussion held last week has paved the way for a clear clean energy future for First Nations communities in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

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Ngaardia Media: Pilbara Elders and leaders discuss clean energy future

This week in Port Hedland, community members gathered along with federal and state government representatives to discuss the role of First Nations people in the renewable energy transition.

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Ngaarda Media: Pilbara First Nations people offered say on Australia's renewable future

Next week, community members in the Pilbara will be asked for their input into a plan for First Nations people to play a central role in the transition to renewable energy.

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National Energy Performance Strategy - February 2023

Many of our First Nations communities - particularly those that are experiencing extreme temperatures as a result of climate change - don't currently have access to clean, affordable, reliable power; homes that are designed to cope with dangerous heat and extreme cold; or, the ability or means to access energy-efficient appliances. A NEPS can address these issues, and others.