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Best Practice Network Guides

Here you'll find our best practice Network guides available for download.

Clean Energy Planning Toolkit for First Nations

First Nations people have the opportunity to develop clean energy projects in homes and communities, and on Country. 

This Toolkit has been developed to assist communities to have discussions about clean energy futures. 

It will support you to explore the possibilities that clean energy could provide, and to start planning to create and develop your own clean energy project.


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Clean Energy Negotiations Guide for First Nations

This Guide will help communities negotiate mid to large scale developments on country.

It will also assist those wanting to initiate their own clean energy projects.

It covers all aspects such as getting resources and advice and joining or opposing a project.


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Best Practice Principles for Clean Energy Projects

The 10 best practice principles, designed for the clean energy industry, government and communities, cover such things as ensuring projects provide economic and social benefits, mutual respect, clear communication, cultural and environmental considerations, landcare, business employment opportunities and free, prior and informed consent (FPIC).

These Principles have been framed to help First Nations communities to achieve those goals and more. They should be followed by clean energy companies themselves and the governments that regulate projects.

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Video launching the Best Practice Principles and Clean Energy Negotiations 




Other guides

Leading Principles: First Nations and Renewable Energy Projects

This guide puts into operation the First Nations Clean Energy Network’s Best Practice Principles, setting expectations for the clean energy industry.

It details key considerations for engagement at each stage of a project’s lifecycle, focusing on how to exercise meaningful engagement, consent, participation and benefit-sharing with First Nations people on energy projects.

The Guide was co-authored by the Clean Energy Council and KPMG.

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Dhawura Ngilan (Remembering Country): A Vision for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage

This guide for businesses and investors embodies the long-held aspirations of First Nations peoples for their heritage.

It is the first iteration of the only First Nations-led guidance document designed to support businesses and investors to protect Indigenous cultural heritage.

This Guide operationalises the Dhawura Ngilan Principles for Businesses and Investors and should be read together.

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Building Power Guide

The Guide is a resource for First Nations people who want to make change.

The Guide brings together tools and processes for community visioning, planning, power mapping and leadership development.

It outlines 6 ingredients for self-determining communities - what we need to say yes, and what we need to say no to developments being offered or imposed on our people.

The Guide was developed by Original Power.

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