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What we stand for

The opportunity of renewable energy should and can be available to all. But we know for many of our communities that affordable, secure and clean power is not yet a reality. 

The Network will ensure our people are part of the renewable energy revolution. Our communities deserve ready access to household solar, we want to drive community-owned clean energy projects and secure equitable arrangements for large scale renewable projects on our lands. 

This will require investment, a supportive government policy framework, and a commitment from industry and investors to apply best practice principles.

We will support communities to address the barriers to clean, affordable and reliable power, securing good jobs and strong economies, so we can continue to live and work on Country if we choose. We will also advise First Nations communities and business enterprises seeking to set up medium to large scale export-focussed clean energy projects.


First Nations people and communities need a seat at the negotiating table when it comes to renewable energy. We want to share the economic benefits, job opportunities in our communities, and ready access to lower-cost and reliable power. We want to address climate change and protect Country and culture for generations to come. The renewables boom can help us do that.


Our values drive everything we do.

Self-determination: We genuinely determine what happens in our communities and on our Country.
Community-driven solutions: We know the solutions, we just need the resources, investment and support to achieve them.
Consent: We assert our right to consent, or not, to projects on our Country.
Collaboration: We are strongest working together, sharing knowledge, skills and experience.


We will work to:

  • Support communities to drive the development of clean energy projects that provide direct benefits to residents through reduced household energy costs and more reliable energy
  • Establish an innovation hub, promoting the implementation of best practice principles that should underpin all agreements for land use and benefit sharing between First Nations groups, companies and investors, while building community capacity through training and employment for First Nations people to participate in the renewable energy sector.
  • Advocate to lift significant federal and state regulatory barriers to renewable energy development and stoke government investment in technology, innovation and infrastructure.