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First Nations Energy Projects

We're tracking the incremental increase in First Nations involvement, ownership and equity participation in clean and renewable energy projects across Australia through negotiated participation agreements with companies and governments.

Our First Nations project tracker* (see below) demonstrates the transformative potential of a First Nations-led clean energy transition in our regions. 

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The ability of companies, governments, and investors to dictate terms of development on First Nations lands is changing. 
First Nations communities are increasingly interested in being equity owners in projects impacting their land. 

Previously, First Nations matters have been considered by many companies and governments as one of Corporate Social Responsibility - as matters separate from the commercial objectives of a proposed project. This is not the case anymore. 

Equity participation - ownership of resource and infrastructure projects - is a means to proactively exercise First Nations rights, protect community interests, ensure control and a board room role in decision-making, and to share the economic benefits derived from a project.

Companies and governments foisting project decisions onto First Nations communities is no longer acceptable. First Nations communities are no longer passive hosts of clean energy projects. First Nations voices, interests and rights on their land can no longer be ignored.

First Nations aim to share in resource development planning and to benefit directly in the prosperity of a project through mechanisms including preferential contract bidding, co-ownership, equity stakes, and revenue sharing. 

* Government-owned projects, or projects being built by a government party for a community, do not qualify in our tracker. 

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