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Tyronne Garstone

Tyronne is a Bardi man, born in Broome, Western Australia. He has spent the majority of his working life within the Indigenous sector in areas of training and employment solutions, social and economic development, native title, Indigenous leadership and capability building. Tyronne is a strong advocate for Indigenous rights and advancement, regularly speaking out on issues of importance to the first nations of Aboriginal people across the Kimberley and Western Australia. He is also committed to fostering genuine relationships and partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples through mutual understanding, knowledge sharing and respect. Tyronne worked for several years as the Chief Executive Officer of Kullarri Regional Community Development Employment Project before taking on the role of Community Engagement Officer for Pluton Resources, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Kimberley Land Council and General Manager of Regions for Jawun. As Chief Executive Officer of the Kimberley Land Council, Tyronne is keen to provide leadership, brokering new opportunities and relationships that deliver sustainable outcomes for the next generation of Aboriginal people in the region and beyond.