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The Remote Community Mining Toolkit

The Remote Community Mining Toolkit is designed to empower remote communities to gain a greater understanding of, prepare for and act to better manage the changing effects of a mine over its lifecycle.

A key goal of the toolkit is to deliver enduring community value from mining (ECVM) – or long-term, lasting value to the community.

The best way to do this is for the community to make decisions and act early so as to best influence the mining decision-makers: the company, the state and, in the Northern Territory, Traditional Owners who have the power to block mining development on Aboriginal land.

This toolkit is provided for guidance purposes only and does not substitute for expert legal and other advice which should be sought early in the mine lifecycle and before any decision is made or action is taken.

Authors: Blackwell BD and Fordham AE. 2018. The Remote Community Mining Toolkit. Ninti One Ltd, Alice Springs.