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Tasmania has achieved 100% renewable energy generation

Tasmania is one of the few regions globally to have achieved 100% renewable energy generation in November 2020, primarily due to the high contribution of hydropower.

A new Network paper looking at energy policy settings in the State finds Tasmania has now legislated a 200% Tasmanian Renewable Energy Target by 2040 with the goal of becoming the ʻBattery of Nationʼ, providing storage capacity and renewable energy exports to support the transition of the National Electricity Market, and developing an export renewable hydrogen industry.

In Tasmania, Aboriginal claims to land and waters are managed via the return of land or collaborative management processes.

One of the actions in Tasmaniaʼs Climate Change Action Plan is for Renewables, Climate and Future Industries Tasmania to incorporate Tasmanian Aboriginal knowledge into action on climate change. There are no other policies currently legislated or being implemented.

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