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On trend right now - Critical minerals and green hydrogen

The government is laying the foundations for Australia to be a major miner, producer and exporter of green hydrogen and critical minerals. Of the $127 billion pipeline of announced hydrogen investment in Australia, including more than 80 announced projects, only $2 million to-date has been allocated towards First Nations engagement. Furthermore, with over 450 critical minerals deposits across Australia, critical minerals exploration and mining is likely to occur in many Nations. Government policy suggests on-going engagement, benefit sharing and partnerships with First Nations peoples will be essential to improve equity and investment opportunities for the resources sector’s sustainability. This session reviews the application of government's policy intent. Are there significant First Nations partnerships, equity and ownership arrangements in the critical minerals and hydrogen sectors, including a seat at the table, and if not, why not?

SPEAKERS: Cameron Smith, Sonja Dare, Jason Bilney, Mia Pepper, Anu Nagar, Darren Godwell (Facilitator)