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Hydrogen and First Nations Communities: Webinar

The First Nations Clean Energy Network is looking at the potential risks and opportunities for First Nations from proposed hydrogen projects in Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania.

Australia is seeking to play a significant role in the global hydrogen market. Billions of dollars in government funding is being made available to support large-scale hydrogen projects to make use of the country's abundant renewable energy resources.

We ran a webinar today with speakers Chris Croker, co-Chair of the First Nations Clean Energy Network, Dr Fiona Beck from Australian National University, and Bec Halliday from First Nations strategic advisory service GIRA Group, and facilitator Karrina Nolan, co-Chair of the First Nations Clean Energy Network, teasing out the issues with a First Nations online audience from around the country.

The key issues canvassed included:

  • Understanding hydrogen: An overview of the hydrogen industry, including production methods, applications, and the global market.
  • Hydrogen projects in your State: Insight into the six major hydrogen projects that have been shortlisted for the Federal Government's AU$2 billion Hydrogen Headstart Program
  • Risks and opportunities for First Nations: Exploring how First Nations communities can engage with and benefit from emerging hydrogen projects and some of the risks these projects may have to community.

Thank you to everyone who came along to our webinar!

If you were unable to attend the webinar live, we are pleased to provide you with the recording

If you are a member of the First Nations Clean Energy Network, you can find this webinar recording and other helpful resources in our Mob-only Members Hub. If you are not a member of the Network, please join via this link