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Djandori gung-i

Gidarjil Development Corporation representing the Gurang and Gooreng Gooreng peoples signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Sunshine Hydro and the Burnett Mary Regional Group in August 2022.

It's related to the development of Djandori gung-i ("spirit in the water"), a superhybrid pumped hydro renewable energy project in the Gladstone-Bundaberg area near Miriam Vale, Queensland on land purchased by the Burnett Mary Regional Group.

The project will combine 1.8 gigawatts (GW) of new wind generation and 600 megawatts (MW) of pumped hydro with 18 hours of storage. It will also provide power to 300MW of hydrogen electrolysers, 50MW of liquefaction, and a 50MW hydrogen fuel cell, and would have the capacity to produce 65 tonnes of green hydrogen a day, with plans to reach final investment decision in 2025, with commissioning in 2028.

The MOU reportedly outlines a partnership and commitment among parties to optimise environmental, social, and economic benefits, including further recognition of our cultural values and robust employment and apprenticeship opportunities within the project specifically targeted at First Nations communities.

Sunshine Hydro said it was 'exploring structures that would enable the traditional owners an equity stake in the projects developed in their country... We also have plans to allocate a fixed revenue stream from the project to local Indigenous organisations'. It said 'Sunshine Hydro is committed to demonstrating how the renewables industry and traditional owners can work together to build new clean sources of power generation in Australia and beyond, while respecting and protecting the natural environment.'

In November 2023, while crowdsourcing investment for this and other projects, Sunshine Hydro sold a 20% share option to the First Nations Greentime Energy Group (FNGEG). It is expected that FNGEG will become a long term partner in the project.


Diagrams illustrating the proposed project