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Community Microgrids & Stand Alone Power Systems Webinar Recording

Our Community Microgrids & Stand Alone Power Systems Webinar is tailored exclusively for our First Nations members. 

We aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these technologies and their potential to shape our energy landscape.

During this webinar, we delved into the following key learning objectives:

  1. Overview of Microgrids / Stand-Alone Power Systems: Gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts, terms, and distinctions between microgrids and stand-alone power systems.

  2. Technologies and scale: Explore the various technologies that underpin community microgrids and stand-alone power systems, while also understanding the scalability of these solutions.

  3. Benefits and risks: Discover the benefits that First Nations communities can harness through these systems, and equally important, understand the potential risks and challenges involved.

  4. I’m interested. What’s the process? Understand the process of establishing community microgrids and stand-alone power systems.

  5. What are other communities doing? Gain insights into the prevalence of community microgrids in Australia, the current landscape, and the potential for growth.

Our panel of speakers included:

  1. Ruby Heard, First Nations Clean Energy Network Community Project Officer & Founder, Alinga Energy Consulting. Ruby is a descendant of the Jaru people of the Eastern Kimberley region of Western Australia. An electrical engineer, Ruby runs Alinga Energy Consulting, providing renewable energy and microgrid consulting services including research, feasibility studies, design and implementation, with a focus on remote and off-grid applications. 

  2. Madie Sturgess, Clean Energy Project Lead, Original PowerMadie is a cleantech specialist with experience across tech start-ups, agriculture, and international development sectors. Her cleantech experience includes developing microgrid projects and clean energy cooking alternatives with remote Haitian communities by way of Washington DC, and researching and developing energy innovation opportunities and policy reform for agriculture and communities in regional Queensland. 

  3. Tom Connell, Manager - Business Development & Transactions, Australia Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). Tom focuses primarily on electricity transition themes including battery storage, microgrids, and solar. Most recently, he has developed ARENA’s Community Batteries and First Nations Community Microgrids funding programs. Prior to joining ARENA, Tom managed the development of commercial and industrial scale renewable energy systems and has built over 100 solar PV and battery projects. Outside of work, Tom is completing a master’s degree in sustainability.

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