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First Nations Clean Energy Symposium 2022

The two-day symposium, hosted by the National Native Title Council, First Nations Clean Energy Network and the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation will bring together Traditional Owners, communities engaging in the renewable energy industry, government policy makers and First Nations leaders to hear and learn from each other. Share case studies from community projects for reliable, clean and cheaper power, lessons and tips for those who may want to welcome medium or large scale projects onto their country and much more.  The symposium will also launch the Industry Best Practice principles, to make sure our communities have all of the information they need to make decisions, negotiate and ensure benefits. It's an opportunity to share concerns, existing projects, new ideas and how we can work together to harness the potential benefits of renewable energy. There’ll also be tools, resources and advice. The program will comprise of a series of presentations, including renowned keynote speakers, workshops and a number of unique networking opportunities such as the Symposium Dinner on Thursday 21 July and Breakfast on Friday 22 July (by invite only).





First Nations Clean Energy Symposium is the opportunity to further the work begun through the First Nations Clean Energy Network  





  • Supporting community-owned renewable projects deliver lower-cost, reliable energy

  • Powering job opportunities and strong economies so our mob can live and work on Country

  • Medium to large scale - the benefits, challenges and opportunities

  • Policy - developing a national framework to ensure First Nations participation and benefit from Renewable Energy

  • Industry best practice - doing it differently 

  • Workshops on Hydrogen & Carbon 

  • Sharing lessons from international expertise - Indigenous Clean Energy Canada and NZ counterparts

  • Strengthen our Network and our ability to advocate together, share lessons and engage with industry