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Past Webinar: First Nations Clean Energy Strategy Consultation Paper

This 'mob only' webinar focused on the Federal government's First Nations Clean Energy Strategy Consultation Paper.

This webinar aims to provide a comprehensive review of the consultation paper and guide you through the process of submitting a response. 

You can find the recording for this webinar in our Members Only Hub.

Event Details:

  • Date: Thursday 18 January
  • Time: 12:00 - 13:00 (AEDT)


  1. Welcome and Introduction

    • Brief overview of the purpose and significance of the First Nations Clean Energy Strategy.
  2. Consultation Paper Review

    • Analysis of key components within the consultation paper.
    • Identification of critical considerations for First Nations communities.
  3. How to Submit Your Response

    • Step-by-step guide on navigating the submission process.
    • Tips for crafting effective and impactful responses.
  4. Q&A Session

    • Your chance to ask questions and seek clarification.
    • Interactive discussion on key topics and concerns.

Why Attend:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the First Nations Clean Energy Strategy consultation paper.
  • Learn how your input can shape the future of clean energy initiatives in your community. 
  • Receive guidance on submitting meaningful responses.
  • Get your questions about the consultation paper answered. 


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