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Next roundtable for co-designing the First Nations Clean Energy Strategy in the ACT

The third community roundtable placing First Nations people and communities at the centre of Australia’s clean energy transition is scheduled for 23-24 August 2023 in Canberra, ACT.

On 12 August 2022, Australian Energy Ministers committed to the co-design of a First Nations Clean Energy Strategy as part of the National Energy Transformation Partnership. This Strategy is about ensuring First Nations Australians shape and drive the clean energy transformation. 

A First Nations-focused policy approach like the Strategy was an election commitment sought by the Network prior to the 2022 Federal Election and it is pleasing to see the commitment by Energy Ministers to the development of the Strategy.

As a core member of the Strategy’s co-design team, the Network is now focused on ensuring the Strategy can deliver meaningful and beneficial outcomes for First Nations communities.   

The Strategy has been a significant activity for the Network in 2023, with roundtables already held in the Pilbara and Alice Springs with more scheduled in jurisdictions across the nation before year end.

The Strategy's development will be informed by the roundtables, in addition to consultations, discussions and advice received from First Nations communities across Australia.

If you live in the Australian Capital Territory or regions bordering, we hope you can make this roundtable on 23-24 August. Register here

The shift to renewable energy is occurring very rapidly and will create huge changes in Australia's economy.

Land will be needed for renewable energy projects and tens of thousands of kilometres of new transmission lines will be built, creating new job and business opportunities for First Nations People. 

Participating in these discussions and feeding into the co-design of the First Nations Clean Energy Strategy will provide you with the ability to ensure Australia’s energy transformation occurs with a strong First Nations voice about the priorities and issues that are important to First Nations.

Enabling and empowering First Nations to play a key and central role in Australia’s renewable energy transition goes beyond just social licence issues – it presents a unique opportunity for Australia to design a system that is fair and just and can provide other social and economic benefits for First Nations.

Input from First Nations voices will ensure that the strategy achieves energy security for our communities. 

The roundtable are being run by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water, with assistance from the National Indigenous Australians Agency and the First Nations Clean Energy Network.

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