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Key learnings from the Pilbara Roundtable

The first of many roundtables feeding into the co-design of the Federal government’s First Nations Clean Energy Strategy was held on 27-28 March 2023 in Port Hedland, Western Australia, with over 70 people in attendance.

There were a number of key learnings from the Pilbara roundtable, including:

  1. Households and communities need affordable energy security and access to grants and subsidies
  2. Co-designed small-scale community-led and owned projects are preferred
  3. Access to information assists informed decision making 
  4. Education, training and community capacity building is critical going forward
  5. Genuine partnerships must be built with industry and government
  6. First Nations people and organisations need resourcing to realise opportunities and co-benefits
  7. Project negotiations must be a on a fair playing field, with rights protected, including Free Prior and Informed Consent