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Key learnings from the ACT roundtable feeding into the co-design of the First Nations Clean Energy Strategy

While there are still further discussions to be had with ACT First Nations residents, there were a number of key learnings from the two-day ACT roundtable held on 23-24 August 2023.

Those learnings included:

  1. Mandate a ‘right’ to energy for all people in Australia

  2. Free Prior and Informed Consent mandated

  3. Ensure development of national cultural heritage legislation

  4. Reform the Native Title Act

  5. First Nations representative bodies need to be better resourced

  6. National funding pool created and made available to First Nations communities 

  7. Define and mandate what information should be provided to and/or sought from First Nations groups by government and proponents

  8. Develop stronger reporting standards and timelines for industry projects 

  9. Strategic energy projects mandated to have a community benefit component