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Australian Capital Territory

Finance and funding opportunities for the ACT can be found here.

We haven't tracked them all yet, so please advise us if you know of finance or funding opportunities that could be included.



Name of program: Sustainable Household Scheme

Who is it for: 

  • residents of the ACT who own a home OR hold a current driving licence
  • community groups

Who's funding it? ACT government


  • Eligible home owners can borrow from $2,000 to $15,000 with up to 10 years to repay it. There's zero interest, and no upfront costs or fees. 
  • Loans must be used to buy energy-efficient products, including:

    • rooftop solar panels 
    • household battery storage systems
    • electric heating and cooling systems
    • hot water heat pumps 
    • electric stove tops
    • electric vehicles
    • electric vehicle charging infrastructure
    • ceiling insulation
    • installation costs for these products.

When does funding close? OPEN

How do I apply? Click here 





Thanks to Allan Sharp for the photo!