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Amplifying the success of First Nations and renewable energy projects

Globally, there is a growing body of success stories of First Nations peoples pursuing and developing renewable energy projects. These include projects that are fully Indigenous-owned, co-owned with a third party, or have a licensing and benefit-sharing agreement in place.

To further amplify the success, noting Australia now has 14 significant First Nations clean energy partnerships, we’re attending 'Indigenous Peoples and the Just Transition: Possibilities and challenges in co-ownership models and partnerships to advance human rights & shared prosperity’ this week, represented by Leslie Schultz, one of the First Nations Clean Energy Network's fabulous steering group members.

The conference, hosted by Indigenous Peoples Rights International, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, and Right Energy Partnership with Indigenous Peoples is being held right before the 23rd session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and has the following ambition:

  • To convene Indigenous Peoples and key partners to discuss the barriers, enabling conditions and positive experiences of co-ownership models and benefit-sharing agreements for the just energy transition, in particular in relation to renewable energy projects.
  • To reach agreements on the principles, strategies and actions needed to build on the positive experiences of Indigenous Peoples with co-ownership and equity models and expand these at the global level;
  • To engage governments, businesses and investors, philanthropists, and inter-governmental organisations regarding key actions and commitments for the future of the just energy transition.

We’ll let you know how it goes!!