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Why be a member

The Network is a bridge connecting clean energy ready community groups to experts in the sector and supporting your community to get ready. Members can work with the Network to get policy reforms that enable energy security and all the benefits we know flow from clean energy projects.

Strong Network membership will support the ongoing advocacy work of the Network and demonstrate to government and industry bodies the need for First Nations people to have a seat at the table and be key participants in the renewable energy sector.

The Network provides a hub for members to learn more about your rights, clean energy opportunities, skills training, research, community-led projects, campaigns for change and more.

As a member, you will have access to community-focused resources, guides and best practice principles to inform agreements for land use and benefit sharing, while building community capacity through training and employment of First Nations people.

You will join a community that shares knowledge, resources and best practice, gain insights to the sector and have the opportunity to influence the conversation and ensure our people are part of the renewables transition.

If you have ideas, skills, expertise or needs, join today!

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Which category do I join?

Depending on your circumstance, you may be eligible to join one or both categories.

Scenario 1: Chris is an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander. He works for a non-Indigenous business in the clean energy sector.

  • Chris can register as a First Nations member.
  • Chris can also register the business he works with as a Supporter.

Scenario 2: Erica is an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander. She works for a university.

  • Erica can register as a First Nations member.
  • Erica can also register her university as a Supporter.

Scenario 3: Henry is non-Indigenous. He works for an Indigenous-owned business.

  • Henry can register as a Supporter.
  • Henry can register the business he works with as a First Nations member.

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