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Tjiwarl Katu Power

In May 2023, Tjiwarl Contracting Services formed an incorporated joint venture company with Zenith Energy Pty Ltd (Zenith). Tjiwarl Katu Power Pty Ltd is 80% owned and operated by Tjiwarl Contracting Services.

Tjiwarl Contracting Services is a wholly owned entity of the Tjiwarl Aboriginal Corporation. It was established to pursue business opportunities for Tjiwarl Native Title Holders within the Tjiwarl Native Title Determined Area of land in Western Australia, covering approximately 13,600 square kilometres throughout the Central Desert Region, determined in 2017. 

Tjiwarl Contracting Services was given financial support through a 12-month contract with ADD Business Group which enabled them to set up governance systems and processes to become established as a formal entity.

The new company, Tjiwarl Katu Power will initially provide power and related services at Zenith’s renewable energy hybrid power stations, with a view to expanding those services to provide low carbon power solutions to entities and communities across Tjiwarl Country.

Tjiwarl Katu Power will also provide power and related services to Zenith's off-grid hybrid renewable energy power station under development at Liontown Resources’ Kathleen Valley Lithium mining operations. Tjiwarl Contracting Services and Liontown signed a Native Title Agreement in 2021 which commits to compensation, employment, training, and contracting opportunities for Tjiwarl Native Title Holders throughout the life of the Kathleen Valley mine located on Tjiwarl country, including in some cases preferencing of Tjiwarl endorsed businesses.

Zenith has the contract to finance, design, construct, own and operate the Liontown power station for an initial term of 15 years. It is expected to be operational in the first half of 2024. Zenith will share their knowledge and train, develop and contract qualified Tjiwarl and related members in electrical and mechanical operations and power station performance management.

Separately, Tjiwarl and DEVELOP Global Ltd (Develop) have formed an incorporated joint venture to service long-term equipment contracts and to provide services to the Bellevue Gold Mine and potentially other mines on Tjiwarl Country. To facilitate the joint venture, Develop partnered with WesTrac to acquire equipment and will train Tjiwarl people to manage and maintain that equipment. The agreement allows for Develop’s joint venture interest to be transferred to Tjiwarl for no consideration once the latter has established the required capability