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Finance and funding opportunities for the state of Victoria can be found here.

We haven't tracked them all yet, so please advise us if you know of finance or funding opportunities that could be included.


Solar Saver Rates Program, Darebin

Name of program: Solar Saver Rates Program

Who is it for: 

  • renters who are First Nation residents
  • homeowners who are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander resident

Who's funding it? City of Darebin


  • must live in Darebin
  • need to register your interest
  • Council pays the upfront cost for the system, and you (or your landlord) pay it off over 10 years, interest-free

When does funding close? OPEN

How do I apply? Click here



Thanks to Stefan K for the photo!

Have your say on an offshore wind proposal

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water have published a notice of proposal to declare an area in the Southern Ocean region off Victoria and South Australia, historically referred to as the Portland area. Consultation is now open on the suitability of offshore renewable energy infrastructure in the Commonwealth waters extending offshore from Warrnambool, Victoria to Port MacDonnell, South Australia.

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Gippsland Offshore Renewable Energy Infrastructure Area Proposal - October 2022

The responsibilities and rights that First Nations have and will assert in Sea Country, even in the absence of a Native Title determination application or determination, places an obligation on project proponents and regulators to accept that First Nations stakeholders must be afforded a primary stakeholder status for the purpose of any consultation or management process, and to ensure there is genuine consultation and engagement with First Nations (and proper due diligence conducted to ensure that this consultation and engagement has actually occurred).