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First Nations peoples can play a critical role in renewable energy projects

Including First Nations peoples in energy projects on their Traditional Lands can have far-reaching positive impacts and be mutually beneficial.

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The potential for First Nations participation in renewables in Western Australia is vast

Western Australia has very strong solar resources and nationally competitive wind resources that are largely untapped. There is clearly much potential for the development of clean energy projects on land where First Nations communities hold an interest.

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Optimising positive impacts for First Nations through reliable and cost competitive renewable energy projects

The combination of First Nations partnership, governance and equity is unequivocally the factor that unlocks positive impacts for First Nations communities and projects.

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First Nations have a significant opportunity in Queensland's clean energy industry

Despite significant energy justice issues, there is great opportunity for First Nations to play a leading role in the clean energy industry in Queensland, particularly given the scale of projects proposed.

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Risks and opportunities for First Nations in Australia’s energy transition

Enabling and empowering First Nations to play a key and central role in Australia’s renewable energy transition goes beyond just social licence issues.

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Northern Territory Policy Overview: First Nations and Clean Energy

This paper was prepared to support conversations at the Mparntwe (Alice Springs) roundtable for the First Nations Clean Energy Strategy. The Northern Territory has some of the strongest solar radiation in the world and there is clearly much potential to develop clean energy projects on First Nations titled lands. 



Special thanks to Christian Bass for use of the photo.

Ngaarda Media: Pilbara First Nations people offered say on Australia's renewable future

Next week, community members in the Pilbara will be asked for their input into a plan for First Nations people to play a central role in the transition to renewable energy.

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Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Act: Issues paper responses (February 2023)

There is a massive global and domestic renewables energy transition underway that is driving generational shifts in energy systems. First Nations people can, and should benefit from this revolution, whether from small community-based projects, to large scale, export-focused initiatives.

Advancing Aboriginal Interests in the New South Wales Renewable Energy Transition

As the NSW Government steers the transition of the economy to renewable energy there is a unique opportunity for Aboriginal communities and their economic and land interests and aspirations to be advanced. The renewable energy transition in NSW presents an opportunity for Aboriginal landholders in NSW to participate in new economies, address energy security and poverty, derive benefits including collective wealth generation and capacity-building, and for Aboriginal values and aspirations to be built into the foundation and long-term operation of renewable energy projects.

Gippsland Offshore Renewable Energy Infrastructure Area Proposal (October 2022)

The responsibilities and rights that First Nations have and will assert in Sea Country, even in the absence of a Native Title determination application or determination, places an obligation on project proponents and regulators to accept that First Nations stakeholders must be afforded a primary stakeholder status for the purpose of any consultation or management process, and to ensure there is genuine consultation and engagement with First Nations (and proper due diligence conducted to ensure that this consultation and engagement has actually occurred).