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NSW Policy Overview: First Nations and Clean Energy

The energy transformation in New South Wales has included a range of initiatives for First Nations people. At present, Aboriginal Working Groups in the Renewable Energy Zones are undertaking the responsibility of negotiating outcomes with renewable energy proponents. The NSW Government has announced ambitious plans to transform the energy system from reliance on coal-fired power to 80% renewable energy by 2030. 







Photo by Jacques Bopp 

Victoria Policy Overview: First Peoples and Clean Energy

Due to its reliance on emissions-intensive brown coal, Victoria is currently seeking to engineer a transition from one of the dirtiest power systems in the world to 95% renewable energy by 2035. The Victorian government has set out an ambitious agenda consisting of projects such as establishing Renewable Energy Zones, the development of offshore wind, battery storage targets, and energy efficiency and electrification of households and businesses. The amount of coal-fired power has decreased significantly with the 2017 exit of Hazelwood station and the exit of Anglesea coal power station in 2015.  


Thanks to Huzaifa Tariq for the beautiful photo!

Overview of Notable Federal Government Policy Initiatives

The Australian Government’s energy policy comprises a large number of energy strategies and frameworks, policies and programs. These are broadly designed to underpin the supply of energy (reliable, secure and affordable), whilst also aiming to improve energy supply, efficiency, quality, performance and productivity, and reduce emissions.