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Renewable energy and negotiating co-benefit sharing

Chris Croker shares his knowledge on economic negotiations and benefit sharing based on his experience as an investment partner primarily engaged in renewable projects specifically designed to improve the affordability and reliability of electricity in communities. Chris is also a steering group member of the First Nations Clean Energy Network.

Negotiations for Traditional Owners webinar

We just held a webinar on 'Negotiations for Traditional Owners'. The key takeout? Clean energy project negotiations can be complex!

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Indigenous Negotiations Resource Guide

This Resource Guide by Conservation International is a tool for Indigenous communities to operationalise their right to FPIC and to effectively engage in negotiations when they choose to do so.

The Guide includes a collection of best practices, lessons learned, and case studies to assist Indigenous negotiators at all stages of a negotiation.

Chapters describe the technical aspects of negotiated agreements, while emphasizing a community’s right to decide throughout all stages of a negotiation.

Some negotiators may benefit from reading the complete Guide.

For others, certain chapters will be more relevant, depending on the stage of a negotiation, a community’s experience with previous negotiations, the strength of a community’s traditional governance processes, or the sector with which the community is engaging in negotiations.

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