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Larrakia Energy

The Larrakia Development Corporation is an Aboriginal organisation representing the Larrakia people, the Traditional Owners of the lands and waters in and surrounding Darwin.

Larrakia Energy is a Joint Venture between Larrakia Development Corporation and Progressive Green Solutions. Larrakia Energy is majority-owned by Larrakia Development Corporation.

Larrakia Energy and South Korean power company Korea Midland Power Co (KOMIPO) are planning to build a 300 megawatt (MW) solar farm on Larrakia Country near Bladin Point in the Northern Territory. In November 2022Larrakia Energy signed an MOU with KOMIPO to advance the project to the next stage. It is scheduled to start in 2023 and be operational in 2024.

In August 2023, the Northern Territory government signed an MOU with Larrakia Energy and KOMIPO -- a two-year agreement to co-operate to “achieve” the 'Green Energy Project', including the solar farm, in the government's 'Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct'.

In October 2023, Larrakia Energy signed a 'letter of intent' with Tivan Limited to to supply up to 30MW of renewable energy from 2026 to support Tivan's planned Vanadium Electrolyte Facility. The Letter of Intent with Larrakia Energy 'reflects Tivan’s ongoing commitment to building enduring relationships with Traditional Owners, and to emphasising principles of early inclusion and genuine participation, thereby fostering an environment where a durable alignment of interests may be achieved'.