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Interim findings from our Clean Energy Jobs Pathways Initiative

A First Nations Clean Energy Network project has found where targets for First Nations employment in Renewable Energy Zones exist, they demonstrate a lack of ambition, among other findings.

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Jobs and Skills Australia: Australia’s Clean Energy Workforce Discussion Paper (September 2023)

There is clearly much work to be done both to support and enable First Nations Australians who wish to take up employment opportunities in the clean energy sector, particularly as policy frameworks begin to emerge that seek to prioritise First Nations employment outcomes. Unless there is a coordinated approach developed and led by First Nations communities and organisations to jobs and skills in the clean energy sector, the statistics highlighted by the Clean Energy Council will not likely improve.

Inquiry into Northern Australia Workforce Development (December 2022)

In Northern Australia, almost all land, and also waters, are covered by some form of legally recognised and enforceable First Nations title. Australiaʼs rapid transition to renewable energy will require access to vast areas of land and waters, including for thousands of kilometres of new transmission infrastructure. Enabling and empowering First Nations to play a key and central role in Australiaʼs renewable energy transition goes beyond just social licence issues - it presents a unique opportunity for Australia to design an economic system for renewable energy infrastructure developments (and upstream and downstream supply chains) that is fair and just and which can also positively impact and result in other social and economic benefits for First Nations.