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Western Australia Policy Overview: First Nations and Clean Energy

Western Australia has very strong solar resources and nationally competitive wind resources that are largely untapped. There is clearly much potential for the development of clean energy projects on land where First Nations communities hold an interest.


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The Wire: Roundtable on cleaner energies for First Nations communities

This week, First Nations communities got involved in a community roundtable about energy transition in Alice Springs.

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Northern Territory Policy Overview: First Nations and Clean Energy

This paper was prepared to support conversations at the Mparntwe (Alice Springs) roundtable for the First Nations Clean Energy Strategy. The Northern Territory has some of the strongest solar radiation in the world and there is clearly much potential to develop clean energy projects on First Nations titled lands. 



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3CR: Reflections from roundtables in the transition to Net Zero

How should Indigenous people participate in the clean energy transition? Steering Group member Ruby Heard highlights the essential criteria for an equitable transition.

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Pilbara hosts first roundtable to feed into development of inaugural First Nations Clean Energy Strategy for Australia

Placing First Nations people and communities at the centre of Australia’s clean energy boom is now underway with the first community roundtable happening in the Pilbara today.

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National Energy Performance Strategy (February 2023)

Many of our First Nations communities - particularly those that are experiencing extreme temperatures as a result of climate change - don't currently have access to clean, affordable, reliable power; homes that are designed to cope with dangerous heat and extreme cold; or, the ability or means to access energy-efficient appliances. A NEPS can address these issues, and others.

Australia’s Critical Minerals Strategy (February 2023)

The success of Australiaʼs critical mineral development is contingent on respect for First Nations culture, cultural heritage, land, waters and rights and on genuine engagement, partnership and collaboration. First Nations accordingly must be co-designers and drivers of the systems (policy, legislation and regulation) and projects needed to facilitate the establishment of Australiaʼs critical minerals value chain.

National Energy Transition Authority Bill 2022 (November 2022)

There is an opportunity for the formulation and design of a National Energy Transition Authority (and the accompanying policies, processes and resourcing) to be inclusive of First Nations and to ensure that barriers are addressed and opportunities created for First Nations in the transition.

Taking action - A national framework and best practice

Australia can be a world leader in clean energy if First Nations, governments and industry work hand-in-hand. The First Nations Clean Energy Network will work with the Federal Government and State and Territory energy ministers to develop a framework that guarantees First Nations participation and ensures everyone shares in the benefits of renewables. In this session, we’ll expand on key best practice principles we are asking the industry to commit to, and hear a response from Ministers and the industry.


• Kane Thornton, Clean Energy Council
• Jenny McAllister, Assistant Minister - Energy and Climate Change
• First Nations speakers on principles and policy