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Australian government releases Critical Minerals Strategy

The Australian government has released its Critical Minerals Strategy with First Nations engagement and benefit sharing one of the 6 key focus areas, focusing on: 

  • strengthening engagement and partnerships with First Nations people and communities, respecting their land and water rights and interests;
  • supporting the critical minerals sector’s immediate and long-term social licence to operate and its ongoing sustainability. This includes creating economic opportunities in regional and First Nations communities while protecting cultural heritage and sacred sites;
  • working with First Nations communities and their representative organisations to build their capacity to engage with critical minerals proponents; and
  • working to improve equity and investment opportunities for First Nations interests.
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Australia’s Critical Minerals Strategy (February 2023)

The success of Australiaʼs critical mineral development is contingent on respect for First Nations culture, cultural heritage, land, waters and rights and on genuine engagement, partnership and collaboration. First Nations accordingly must be co-designers and drivers of the systems (policy, legislation and regulation) and projects needed to facilitate the establishment of Australiaʼs critical minerals value chain.