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We're here, we've been caring for these lands forever, and we're willing partners: ecogeneration

The economic shift brought about by the Australian Government's Future Made in Australia Act cannot come at the expense of First Nations peoples. We want to see economic and policy systems that include and embed First Nations culture, rights and interests, and priorities. We don't want to see a repeat of the mistakes of the past.

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Hydrogen Headstart information workshops for targeted First Nations communities

First Nations communities impacted by six potential new hydrogen projects in Australia have the opportunity to participate in a targeted information sharing workshop to find out what’s happening, the likely impacts, and how First Nations rights and interests may be exercised.

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Hydrogen and First Nations Communities: Webinar

The First Nations Clean Energy Network is looking at the potential risks and opportunities for First Nations from proposed hydrogen projects in Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania.

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Federal government makes ‘soft start’ on First Nations merit requirements in Capacity Investment Scheme

Specific merit criteria ensuring energy proponents include meaningful and quality engagement and benefit sharing with First Nations will be introduced into the Federal government’s new Capacity Investment Scheme tender process, a government representative told the First Nations Clean Energy Symposium in Adelaide today. 

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The road to net zero runs through First Nations lands, powered by us

First Nations groups feeling a sense of urgency about the opportunities clean energy can bring in terms of access to energy, jobs, business development, and First Nations wealth generation on Country are calling for significant action and bold Federal Budget ambition at this year's First Nations Clean Energy Symposium happening in Adelaide on 8-9 May 2024.

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Embedding FPIC in the Future Made in Australia Act

As the Australian Government prepares to introduce its Future Made in Australia Act, the First Nations Clean Energy Network is urging Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to ensure the legislation includes and empowers First Nations peoples.

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Setting the gold standard to make sure all of us do projects right this time

Australia’s climate ambition relies on the rapid growth of large scale clean energy projects.

With First Nations’ rights and interests now legally recognised over more than half the Australian continent, it’s critical that First Nations consent, interests, aspirations and rights are front and centre of the clean energy transition.

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First Nations groups gaining bigger voice in new energy deals in Australia

The only way to secure the additional benefits along the supply chain is to have First Nations groups as shareholders. With equity or joint ownership comes respect and being taken seriously.

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Renewable energy and negotiating co-benefit sharing

Chris Croker shares his knowledge on economic negotiations and benefit sharing based on his experience as an investment partner primarily engaged in renewable projects specifically designed to improve the affordability and reliability of electricity in communities. Chris is also a steering group member of the First Nations Clean Energy Network.

First Nations Clean Energy Network wins national award

We're proud to have received the 2023 Clean Energy Council 'First Nations Engagement and Participation' Award for demonstrating outstanding positive community engagement with First Nations communities.

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