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First Nations equity mandated? The design of the Capacity Investment Scheme could be stronger

Australia’s Capacity Investment Scheme, rolling out from April 2024, has room to echo significant First Nations equity participation requirements currently being spelt out in Canada.

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First Nations peoples can play a critical role in renewable energy projects

Including First Nations peoples in energy projects on their Traditional Lands can have far-reaching positive impacts and be mutually beneficial.

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ABC: Clean energy transition strategy could keep the lights on in Australia's Indigenous communities

The reality of remote living, with a lack of reliable power and water supply, sits in stark contrast to the billions of dollars being poured into mining projects across Australia each year. 

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First Nations can help Australia respond to United States’ Inflation Reduction Act

Against a backdrop of rising costs of clean energy projects, inflation, and the knock-on effects of rising energy bills, Australian governments have their work cut out.

The investment and policy environment they create must ensure Australia’s transition to clean energy happens at the pace and scale required, whilst simultaneously bringing along communities and people as supporters and partners. 

Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Act: Issues paper responses (February 2023)

There is a massive global and domestic renewables energy transition underway that is driving generational shifts in energy systems. First Nations people can, and should benefit from this revolution, whether from small community-based projects, to large scale, export-focused initiatives.

Australia’s Critical Minerals Strategy (February 2023)

The success of Australiaʼs critical mineral development is contingent on respect for First Nations culture, cultural heritage, land, waters and rights and on genuine engagement, partnership and collaboration. First Nations accordingly must be co-designers and drivers of the systems (policy, legislation and regulation) and projects needed to facilitate the establishment of Australiaʼs critical minerals value chain.

Inquiry into Australia’s transition to a green energy superpower (December 2022)

By including and embedding First Nations as partners in the energy transition, and the right to free, prior and informed consent in systems, policy, legislation and projects, the transition can be fair and just, occur at the pace necessary (and avoid legal contestation), and deliver mutual cultural, social, economic and environmental benefits to people and country.

Inquiry into Northern Australia Workforce Development (December 2022)

In Northern Australia, almost all land, and also waters, are covered by some form of legally recognised and enforceable First Nations title. Australiaʼs rapid transition to renewable energy will require access to vast areas of land and waters, including for thousands of kilometres of new transmission infrastructure. Enabling and empowering First Nations to play a key and central role in Australiaʼs renewable energy transition goes beyond just social licence issues - it presents a unique opportunity for Australia to design an economic system for renewable energy infrastructure developments (and upstream and downstream supply chains) that is fair and just and which can also positively impact and result in other social and economic benefits for First Nations.

National Energy Transition Authority Bill 2022 (November 2022)

There is an opportunity for the formulation and design of a National Energy Transition Authority (and the accompanying policies, processes and resourcing) to be inclusive of First Nations and to ensure that barriers are addressed and opportunities created for First Nations in the transition.