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Next roundtable feeding into co-design of First Nations Clean Energy Strategy planned for Queensland

You're invited to the next roundtable feeding into the First Nations Clean Energy Strategy being held in Cairns on 28-29 August 2023.

The Federal Government and all state and territory Energy Ministers have agreed to the co-design of a First Nations Clean Energy Strategy to ensure that First Nations people help drive the energy transformation. 

This is an opportunity to review laws, regulation and policy, to lift barriers and implement regulatory reform, and to stoke government investment in innovation, technology and infrastructure, so that First Nations people can share in and benefit from the benefits of the renewable energy revolution.

The Strategy will be developed over 12-18 months of work and will involve roundtables and consultations in collaboration with partners including the First Nations Clean Energy Network.

The roundtables bring together representatives from the First Nations community, the Network, industry, key government departments and Federal, State and Territory representatives, lawyers and policy experts.

These roundtables are an opportunity to come up with recommendations for actions, policies and programs that the Federal Government should implement as part of the strategy.

All roundtables are hosted by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water with assistance from the National Indigenous Australians Agency and First Nations Clean Energy Network.

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